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What can you expect from Krav Maga Defence Academy (KMDA)?

Lets get to it:


If you are reading our website there’s the possibility that you don’t know much about fighting styles, martial arts or self defence. That’s ok, everyone has to start somewhere. If you do know a bit, then I apologise for assuming, hopefully you’ll find the next bit interesting.


You are on this page because something has possibly happened and you’ve thought “I don’t know what to do if it all kicked off”, or “I’m bored of the gym, wonder what else I could do to increase my fitness”. There may be a couple of other reasons, but they all revolve around the same theme.


We used to belong to one of the big Krav Maga Associations. I spent many years with them and reached the level of Expert 2, which at the time, I am just a hand full of instructors at this level, and was the instructor of the instructors at couple of the other schools local to us. It is our believe that a group of us wanted to add more to system that we found was lacking which would benefit everyone that comes to train with us.


What we strive for:


I take the role that Krav Maga Defence Academy has to play in the lives of our students seriously.


They come to classes to learn the most effective way of dealing with a possibly violent situation, whether that is through verbal communication or if things turn violent as a last resort. The said association before had no concept about this and a lot of what was being taught in my opinion was dangerous. Our philosophy is that everything shown should be the best possible and work under pressure. If you are not able to pull off a technique under stress at least 80% of the time against a resisting opponent, then it is not worth training that particular technique as it will not help.


Here are a couple of things I believe you should look out for when, essentially putting your personal safety in the hands of an instructor you are seeking training from: Is the person they are performing the technique on acquiescing? Are they letting them do it? A technique should be shown to show you the moving parts, but ultimately the technique should be performed against someone not wanting to let you do it. You can find a lot of videos of this on YouTube and it’s time to call BS on. Does the instructor say “That wouldn’t work in the street” when referring to another fighting style? If so I’d call BS. Boxing, Thai Boxing, BJJ, Judo all have great elements to them.


Everything they learn is based on the other person trying to take your head off to win in a combat sport. Just because the fight may take place in the street, doesn’t mean these other systems are not effective. There may be tactical reasons for what you want to achieve, like you may not want to be on the floor fighting, but that may be the situation that presents its self.


No BS here, see for yourself.


The above is to help you understand what to look out for to see if you are being shown the most effective self defence possible. Neil Walton and I are the founders of RSDC with around 55 years combined training behind us. Neil is a serving front line Police Officer that practices everything we teach day in and day out. Sometimes the encounters do not turn physical, sometimes they do, but everything that is shown is proven to work against a non-acquiescing opponent.


Neil is a Mauy Thai Boxing instructor with UKMF (Former A class fighter and has fought internationally), is a brown belt in BJJ, a Filipino Boxing instructor, Black belt in TKD, a Krav Maga instructor (Expert Level 1), Savate Instructor, Instructor with the BCA, 30 Years Boxing experience, a Police personal safety trainer and has Advanced Level Self Defence instructor B-TEC and was on the Police Tactical Firearms unit.  With his wealth of knowledge of different systems, we wanted to create an association which stands out for giving students the best possible solutions should they find themselves in a situation that may turn physical and have you covered.


This is why KMDA now belongs to Reality Self Defence Concepts (RSDC) as our association. Everything shown is pressure tested over and over again against an opponent that is FIGHTING BACK, and that’s the key. Someone that doesn’t want you to win. Everything that we teach has either been pressure tested in the ring coming from one of the many sporting combat systems or used in reality situations by our head instructor Neil as a front line Police Officer and ex tactical firearms officer. Some may say that sport is different to an encounter in the street turning physical. This is correct, however in terms of fighting the only difference is the rule set which are easily adjusted to suit the situation.


Thank you for reading this far. If you have made it here, then our classes will offer the opportunity to make new friends, build confidence and fitness levels. No matter what your experience is or your fitness level, you will be in good company as the classes are full of students just like YOU all looking to learn realistic self-defence and gain confidence whilst increasing fitness levels!


At the end of the day it’s your personal safety. I would urge you to test out clubs and see what they’re like and how you get on. I truly believe in the great work KMDA is doing and what we have to offer.


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Our friendly and welcoming group will help you get into the spirit of Krav Maga and help you with the following:

  • Fitness
  • Conditioning & Toning
  • Confidence
  • Awareness

And of course an easy and practical way to defend yourself and your family should the need arise.


We believe in the system that we have been working on developing so that we can pass that on to you and give you the best possible chance for your personal safety. We have no doubt that, if you read this far, we’re the club for you.


Get in touch using the contact form below and see how we can help. All of our members and instructors are extremely helpful and there are no ego’s. Everyone there is there to become better and help lift those around to become better. Give us a try.


Keep Fit, Stay Safe


Milton Keynes


Men, women and children all trained in the art of Krav Maga


All professionally taught by our highly trained instructors

How to join the Krav Maga Defence Academy (KMDA)

To train with the Krav Maga Defence Academy you must be at least 18, those between the age of 16-18 may train but with parental consent only.


All potential new students are encouraged to come and have a go with our 3 trial lessons for £20 (Total for the 3 lessons). These are run alongside the regular classes which are 1.5 hours long.


This will be the perfect opportunity to come along and invest time in training to see what we’re all about.


Fill in our contact form and we’ll get back in contact with you to book your first session in.


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