What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga means Contact Combat in Hebrew.

Krav Maga is a fighting system which was to teach aggression and the will to carry on fighting to the IDF. They only had their recruits for a short amount of time and so needed to get the most out of that time. Where most systems deal with 1-on-1 situations KM will teach you about how to deal with multiple attackers, the different stages of a fight and avoidance techniques along with the law and your legal rights, which is a very important part of self defence. If your training does not include this then you are not really training reality self defence.


Where martial arts have rules, because essentially they’re sports, when it comes to self defence KM believes that there are no rules. However because other martial arts have a way of testing themselves against an opponent that is fighting back, there is a lot that we can take away from those systems because they work, they’ve been pressure tested on the ultimate stage, the ring!


Nothing is off limits in KM and anything that you can do or use to protect yourself and loved ones if in a dangerous situation is encouraged.

Unfortunately we live in a society where attacks are more often, and involve the use of weapons such as knifes, baseball bats and in some cases guns. The use of knives in particular is more prevalent than ever before and there is often a story in the news with someone being stabbed.


KMDA can help give you the tools required for staying safe. Our brand of KM through Reality Self Defence Concepts is the only association within the UK to be teaching some of the head personal safety trainers for the Police in Wales and England.

KM will teach you how to defend against the following:

  • Punches & kicks
  • Bear hugs
  • Chokes/head locks
  • Stick/ bat attacks
  • Gun threats
  • Knife threats/attacks
  • And many more.

History of Krav Maga

This highly effective form of self defence was originally developed by Imi Lechtenfeld.

This highly effective form of self defence was originally developed by Imi Lichtenfeld who himself was a successful boxer, wrestler and gymnast since his youth. He competed at national and international levels and was a champion and member of the Slovak National Wrestling Team. In 1928, he won the Slovak Youth Wrestling Championship and in 1929, the adult championship in the light and middleweight divisions. That year he also won, the national boxing championship and an international gymnastics championship. Imi moved to Israel from Slovakia after the end of the Second World War. After the formation of Israel in 1948, Imi became the chief instructor of physical training and Krav Maga at the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) school of combat fitness. During this time he taught Krav Maga to the IDF’s most elite units including the Haganah, and the special commando units of the Palmack and the Palyam. When he retired in 1964 from the IDF, Imi adapted the Krav Maga style for civilian use as a self defence system.

There are many Krav Maga associations out there now, we used to belong to one of the biggest, all of which claim to be the true form of Krav Maga as taught by Imi and the only true lineage to KM.


Having been taught by Imi and then spread the word of Krav Maga to the world, you would think that, as Imi was a champion boxer, the level of striking would be better, however you can pull up plenty of videos on YouTube from any of the associations uploading videos of their instructors and you will see poor power generation, poor footwork, poor movement all of which are the basic fundamentals of boxing, or any stand up combat system. You will see poor controlling methods against someone with knife which is awkward and reduces your ability for power generation for a punch. If you were involved in a confrontation with someone using a knife and you had to strike, wouldn’t you want to be able to delivery that with all of your power? Of course, there are many different factors that play a part leading to the punch and whether that is the right choice to make at the time.


It was because of this that Krav Maga Defence Academy joined Reality Self Defence Concepts. With the guidance of their head instructor Neil Walton (Search for him on YouTube) and his qualifications in many different systems, boxing and Thai Boxing to name just two, we’ve stripped back the system to incorporate the very basics and to do them correctly. All the systems that we blend together follow the same principles and concepts which means that once you have the basics down everything else flows. This becomes second nature, you will be able to work in any range, against any threat, empty hands or, with an improvised equaliser should the situation deem it necessary. All of this is achievable, only with training and pressure testing which none of the big associations do well.

Imi Lechtenfeld

Imi Lechtenfeld

(1910 – 1998)

Often seminars are held all over the UK with top instructors from RSDC offering subject specific workshops to help improve the student’s skill levels. Like other martial arts there is a grading process so that you can see your progression and how your skill level develops with your training. Gradings are NOT the ultimate goal. Your ultimate goal is to train to be safer and should you progress through the ranks then, that is an added bonus. All too common now are gradings and students being promoted without any merit to pass. Students do not dictate when they want to grade, the instructor does.

Reality Self Defence Concepts follows different patch colours which reflect that of the martial arts world. Each level contains material that the student must know and be able to perform under pressure to able to advance. Each patch has 4 different levels to them. Below is some further details.

In order to test for their first grade, students need to have been training in the Krav Maga system for a minimum of 4 months prior to the date of the grading, and then, only with the express permission of their instructor.



(W1-W4) There are 4 levels

White Level is all about the basics, covering striking, footwork some basic self defence. The pictured badge is W3.



Blue level is next. You will be required to perform everything from the White Level to a very high degree

before moving on. Blue level continues building on striking grappling, and ground work. The level shown is B2.



Purple level is the third to come. The level shown is P2. You will be highly proficient in White Level and an excellent Blue level.

There will be more emphasis on weapons, and controlling aspects.



When you which Brown Level you will be an all round very competent fighter and I think that you would feel very confident in your abilities. Pictured is Brown level 4. Your next level would be Black. You would have put in the hours of training and repetition and earned the right to be at this level.



Getting to this level takes a lot of time and dedication to training. Not everyone will get to this level, some will give up, some may be forced to stop that may have had the potential to reach this level due to personal circumstances. It’s great to have goals, but make your goals that to become safer, fitter and more confident with the skills that you learn, not to chase patches like in other systems and associations. If you put the training in, you can achieve this level, but do it for the right reason.


Gradings are a by product of training. All too many times we’ve seen students promoted within other large associations that should never of been. I’ve seen individuals bumped from beginner levels all the way to “instructor” level. If you go to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) the belts mean something and you can guarantee that a Black belt has put the time in and is extremely proficient. Sad to say that isn’t the case in some of the other systems out there, with some being “Expert” level and incapable of performing the basics well. Our only goal at Krav Maga Defence Academy through Reality Self Defence Concepts is to make you safer and more confident when in a potentially threatening situation, that if it turned physical you would have the skills to protect yourself and loved ones and get home to safety. The ultimate goal is that it doesn’t turn physical, that you have used other means to avoid or deescalate the situation.

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