KMDA Instructors

At KMDA, all of our instructors are full qualified to teach you so you know that you’re in safe hands.



James started training in Krav Maga in 2005 through the Institute of Krav Maga with the director of the IKMF UK Nick Maison and made the 1hour journey to class each week for training and now does this journey 3 times a week to various venues to train. He started doing this with the ambition of getting into the private security industry and wanted a no-nonsense practical way to defend himself which might become useful. Along the way James took part in a Level 5 environment course for close protection where he obtained top student and also became a marksman with the pistol and assault rifle.


Dan has been with KMDA since 2011 and progressed all the way through the grades and up to Instructor, where he predominantly teaches the Kids, Junior and Women’s classes. By day he is a registered Occupational Therapist working in a secure hospital, but is also a qualified advanced personal trainer. He is married with 3 children, rides a motorbike, loves sci-fi and pc gaming and is passionate about teaching concepts of self-protection, not just the techniques.


For a long time I had wanted to learn a martial art, having done Karate & Judo as a child, I found a lot of the movements confusing & got bored. My gym training had become stagnant, lifting weights is great but after years of training I lost sight of what I was aiming for, I needed something that would physically push me, mentally intrigue me & overall enthuse me. I found Krav Maga, it did all of the things I wanted! After training consistently for 3 & ½ years I completed the Instructors course – I can now help people get that feeling I felt when I started training, from Krav training I am now a movement Instructor also, this is the perfect accompaniment to martial arts training, I have made new friends, have new goals & new challenges. I was hooked after the first lesson, I aim to give that feeling to anyone that comes to my classes.

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