Dirty Boxing Seminar

For one day only Neil is in town on Sunday 11th November!

Neil is down on his travels and I have convinced him to run a 4 hour seminar on everything Dirty Boxing at Caroline Chisholm School in Wootton, Northampton.

Dirty Boxing (also known as Filipino Boxing, Suntukan or Panantukan) is a devastating form of empty hand striking and self-defense from the Philippines. A part of the Filipino Martial Arts, Filipino Boxing is similar to Thai Boxing but Filipino Boxing involves absolutely no rules.

Dirty Boxing includes all of the traditional punching techniques from Boxing plus many other types of strikes and attacks including elbows, knees, kicks, head butts, slaps, forearm strikes, shoulder butts and finger and thumb gouges.

All types of clinching, takedowns and strikes on the ground are also utilised. Dirty Boxing is the most vicious and violent form of self-defence in the world and is all about winning the fight using any and all tools at your disposal.

The days training will cost £40 for the four hours and will run from 10am to 2pm.