Striking & Takedown Seminar

He’s Back May 12th & 13th for our Striking and Takedown seminar. Are you ready?

Neil is back down to deliver 2, four hour workshops on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May at Caroline Chisholm School in Wootton, Northampton.

Neil’s years of experience in competitive fighting and being a front line police officer have helped him in knowing what works and what doesn’t in the heat of the moment. With 8 hours of training going through drills and combinations you will improve on your striking for sure.

Day 1 will be all about striking and drills to help improve effective striking power and speed, mixed in with closing the distance and improvement on body movement.

Day 2 will be using day 1’s combinations and skills learnt and putting them into effect with vertical grappling range and executing take-downs and avoiding take-downs.

Neil will be drawing from his extensive knowledge on a vast range of Martial Arts to bring them all together for this great event.

This weekend will be a pre-cursor to FC2018, so if you’re unsure what to expect at FC, this is a great way to find out. If you’re one of the dedicated individuals that has already booked FC2018, you know what to expect already and this will be a great warm-up to the Main event in August.

Any questions please do get in touch.