Looking for Krav Maga Classes in Bedford?

KMDA offer Krav Maga classes in Bedford and our friendly and welcoming group will help you get into the spirit of Krav Maga and help you with the following:

  • Self Defence Skills

  • Fitness

  • Conditioning & Toning

  • Confidence

  • Awareness

Get in touch using the contact form and see how we can help. All of our members and instructors are extremely helpful with training taking place in an ego free environment. Everyone there is looking to improve in some aspect, and we all look to help lift those around us to become better.


To train with the Krav Maga Defence Academy you must be at least 18, those between the age of 16-18 may train but with parental consent only.


All potential new students are encouraged to come and have a go with our 3 trial lessons for £20 (Total for the 3 lessons). These are run alongside the regular classes which are 1.5 hours long.


This will be the perfect opportunity to come along and invest a small amount of time in training to see what we’re all about.


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    Tuesday – 19.00 – 20.30

    Thursday – 19.00 – 20.30

    Bedford Girls School
    Cardington Road
    MK42 0BX