KMDA Testimonials

At KMDA, we pride ourselves on the quality of classes we deliver.
Below are just a few of the things said by students we’ve taught over the years.

I’d spent some time training in more traditional martial arts, before I came to the realisation that most of what I’d learned was impractical, unrealistic and wouldn’t work in a real-life situation.
This was partly due to a phrase I read in a Martial Arts magazine which said –
“Whichever Martial Art you train in, ask yourself this?
Would you know what to do if you were out at night, and were confronted by a gang of armed assailants? “
Unfortunately, the answer at this time, despite my years of training , was NO.
So I started to look for something which I felt would be more realistic, and came across KMDA (Krav Maga Defence Academy), which looked like the “real deal”.
No tournaments, patterns and although there are gradings , the priority is always your own ability to protect you and your loved ones , not gaining a coloured belt.
Krav Maga is simple to learn, due to its use of natural body movements, so you can obtain basic techniques enabling you to defend yourself, after a very short time of training.
An added bonus from my sessions at KMDA is the level of fitness you can attain, (I’ve lost 25 + pounds since starting training) , so thanks , James !

Garry Stacey, Milton Keynes

I started Krav Maga with James at KMDA 4 months ago when I realised I needed a way to defend myself. I was extremely nervous and quite intimidated when I arrived at my first training session, especially when I saw that the class was mostly men, but James made me feel really welcome.
Since then I can only say that my enthusiasm for Krav Maga has grown exponentially! It’s a great way to get some exercise while learning a practical and intuitive method of self-defence. I was a confident person before I started but it has made me feel quite empowered and much less afraid of potential confrontations.
James and the rest of the KDMA students are encouraging and supportive, as well as being lots of fun, and I feel totally comfortable about training with them in a safe environment. James teaches to all levels and welcomes questions, whilst the more experienced students are always happy to share their knowledge.
Gender shouldn’t be an issue but as a woman doing Krav Maga, feeling welcome and safe has been a vital part of why I have enjoyed it and continued with my training.
All in all I couldn’t speak highly enough of James and his teaching skills, KMDA, and Krav Maga. If you want to keep fit, have a laugh and learn a really practical way to defend yourself then this is the way to do it and KMDA is the place to start!

Tara Jones

James is a fantastic Instructor, very patient, and allows students to progress at our own pace. I would recommend James’ Krav Maga classes to everyone, of all ages. if you want to learn effective self-defence techniques and keep fit, this is the way to do it.

Pete Roberts, Milton Keynes

James makes learning Krav Maga accessible to all, his relaxed yet enthusiastic style of teaching and his breakdown of the techniques make learning with KMDA enjoyable and informative.

Pete, Bedford

Having studied a number of different martial arts from a young age, I can say with confidence that Krav Maga is the most practical, and one of the best systems I have ever learnt. Whilst the classes are run in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you still get detailed and top level personal teaching.

Alex, Northampton

Instructor James gives clear instruction & explanation of how techniques work.
I always look forward to the next training session, everyone has a lot of fun & is constantly challenged.
Thanks to James & my club mates – I now have greater social confidence, get a good mental & physical work out & have made some new friends

Darren, Milton Keynes

I joined KMDA in the spring of 2012 for personal development training to learn defences against knife threats and defence against multiple attackers or muggers. I trained in Judo for many years and more recently Jujitsu and find that Krav Maga dovetails nicely with those skills.  James is welcoming and an excellent instructor who breaks down each technique he teaches so you can understand why and how they work in practice.  The other students are friendly and enthusiastic so KMDA is a great environment for learning Krav Maga. There is a syllabus for each grade so you gradually build up your self-defence skills in a systematic way.  I thoroughly enjoy the training sessions and highly recommend KMDA for high quality Krav Maga training

Darren, Bedford

I’ve been attending classes at Krav Maga for just over 6 months. In that time I’ve seen the club go from strength to strength in terms of popularity and attendance. I have also seen the club go from just 3 training nights to 5 training nights a week.
Classes are always hard work but fun too and students encompass all ages, fitness levels and abilities. One of the things that always strikes me is the willingness of more senior club members to help and encourage newer members.
I have found that regularly attending classes has increased my physical fitness, my mental strength, my awareness of potentially dangerous situations and my ability to react decisively to physical confrontation. These skills I have gained from the encouragement, skill, enthusiasm and dedication of James, who not only is an extremely competent and knowledgeable Krav Maga instructor but, also has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of other more ‘traditional’ martial arts.
I would recommend Krav Maga Defence Academy to anyone and as you can come along to for induction to see what you think, there’s no excuse not to give it a go!

Rich, Bedford/Northampton/Milton Keynes

James at KMDA combines a love of Krav Maga with an eagerness to teach others to love Krav Maga, his knowledgeable approach to training caters for all levels and all abilities with an emphasis on steady progression

Brad, Bedford

Since joining KMDA my social confidence has grown, the instruction from James always makes for a fun & very enjoyable training session.
The lessons are very well structured & demonstrations always clear, easily accessible & effective.
Training with KMDA always gives me a great mental & physical work out.
Very highly recommend trying a KMDA class!

Alan Sawyer, Milton Keynes

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