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Learn Krav Maga with KMDA

Developed in Israel, Krav Maga is a unique and logical system that teaches practical self defence skills whilst improving fitness and increasing self confidence through teaching students to make accurate decisions in difficult circumstances, something that we find ourselves doing on a daily basis.


Womens Self Defence Classes

Our Womens Krav Maga classes are just as challenging and rewarding as our mixed sessions, but they concentrate more specifically upon the threats and situations women may encounter in day-to-day life within a comfortable and relaxed environment in which to train and learn.

Krav Maga Junior Classes

At KMDA, we teach a specially designed Krav Maga syllabus for children which focuses on developing their skills through play and challenges. This allows us to push the children in a stress free environment, working them hard and teaching them confidence building skills whilst they have fun.


Interested in Krav Maga?